Student health insurance

(Coverage from January 1 - July 31, 2014)

UGA offers two student health insurance plans:

  1. Mandatory Plan (plan for mandated graduate and undergraduate students)
  2. Voluntary Plan (plan for other students not eligible for the mandatory plan)

Mandatory Plan
The spring/summer 2014 enrollment/waiver period for the Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan is closed.

Voluntary Plan
The spring/summer 2014 open enrollment period for the Voluntary Student Health Insurance Plan closes February 2, 2014. If a student chooses to enroll for the voluntary plan AFTER the February 2 deadline, he/she will be covered on his/her date of enrollment. Regardless of the date of enrollment, the student must pay the entire spring/summer premium.

Questions about student health insurance may directed to or 706-542-2222.


Revised 11/25/13