Mandatory plan


Summer-only 2016 Waiver period is April  20, 2016 through June 26, 2016

Summer-only 2016 Enrollment period is April  20, 2016 through June 26, 2016
(Summer-only coverage is May 1 - July 31, 2016)

 New Fall 2016 enrollment/waiver period starts in July. Watch this space for information.  Preliminary information and premiums for 2016-17.

Who must enroll or waive summer-only coverage?

  • The only students that can enroll or waive during the summer-only enrollment and waiver period are students who are newly mandated during summer 2016 semester (i.e., international students with a J1 or F1 visa enrolling during summer 2016 semester who were not enrolled in classes during spring 2016 semester or graduate students newly awarded a graduate assistantship tuition waiver for the summer 2016 semester).
  • Students who were enrolled or had an approved waiver during the spring/summer 2016 coverage period do not need to enroll or submit a waiver again for summer-only coverage. Enrollments, including dependent enrollments, and waivers for spring/summer 2016 cover the period of January 1 – July 31, 2016.  Students that did not submit a waiver during the spring/summer 2016 waiver period and thus were automatically enrolled in the plan for spring/summer 2016 coverage cannot waive any coverage until the fall 2016 waiver period.



The Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan is with the University System of Georgia Board of Regents student health program administered by United Healthcare Student Resources. It is an accident and sickness insurance policy that provides coverage worldwide. It includes diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury, or medical conditions, along with preventive care benefits. Benefits include physician, hospital, surgical, pharmacy, behavioral health services (i.e., mental health / substance abuse), as well as legally-mandated benefits.

Students must utilize the University Health Center for care or to obtain a referral when needed (please refer to the student health insurance plan brochure for referral requirements and exceptions).  Students eligible to waive the UGA Health Center fee should be aware that the plan does not cover services/charges normally covered by the UGA Health Center fee. Students who waive the UGA Health Center fee must still utilize the Health Center for care per the plan requirements (see the brochure regarding referral requirements and exceptions),  but the student will be responsible for paying the charges normally covered by the Health Center fee.

Coverage under this plan cannot be prorated or ended early.

Links to plan information:

Be sure to read your policy brochure to find information about benefits and the use of the University Health Center and any referral requirements to other doctors. 

View the 2015-16 mandatory plan brochure and search for participating providers.

View the prescription drug list effective July 1, 2015.

View a summary of prescription drug changes effective July 1, 2015.


Compliance statement regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act.

The following groups of UGA students are required to have health insurance. These students will be AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED in the Mandatory Plan:


See below for enrollment process.

If a student is mandated to participate and has other health insurance coverage, he/she must submit a waiver request by the stated deadline. How to request a waiver.

    • Undergraduate and Graduate International students holding "F" or "J" visa status.
    • Students whose program requires health insurance (currently, only Doctor of Pharmacy students).
    • Graduate students receiving Qualified Graduate Assistantships: Graduate students receiving a full tuition waiver as part of their graduate assistantship award. This includes general graduate assistantships, teaching assistantships, laboratory assistantships, and research assistantships, regardless of the source of funds; as well as graduate school assistantships and Graduate Recruitment Opportunity (GRO) assistantships.
    • Graduate students receiving Qualified Fellowships: Graduate students supported by fellowships administered by UGA** that provide funding for the student in an amount equal to or greater than the prevailing in-state tuition rate for graduate students. Such fellowships include, but are not limited to, UGA Presidential Graduate fellowships, National Research Service Awards, National Science Foundation fellowships, and other state and federally funded fellowships.
    • Graduate students receiving Qualified Training Grants: Graduate students supported on state or federally funded training grants administered by UGA** that provide funding for the student in an amount equal to or greater than the prevailing in-state tuition rate for graduate students.

** The terminology "administered by UGA" in the Fellowship Recipients and Departmental Training Grants sections means that external funds are channeled through UGA accounting systems and that the student must receive a payroll check from UGA. If the Fellowship or Departmental Training Grant recipient receives a payroll or stipend check from any source other than UGA Payroll, then that student is NOT eligible for the UGA contribution.

View premium amounts and payments for the Mandatory Plan.

How to cover eligible dependents on the Mandatory Plan.

bullet Enroll

Summer-only coverage from May 1-July 31, 2016

In order for a mandated student to access the enrollment or waiver system forms, the student must be included on an eligibility file that the University sends to United Healthcare Student Resources. To be included in the eligibility file, you must be enrolled for summer classes and if you have a graduate assistantship, the GA tuition waiver must be applied to your UGA Student Account.

You must take action to activate your enrollment!
To use your insurance at the earliest possible date, students must finalize their enrollment. In order to activate their coverage and access their insurance card, students should complete the electronic enrollment form at  (select “Enrollment Form”). Use your 9-digit student ID (81x) number and date of birth to access the Enrollment form. Once this enrollment form is submitted, a student’s coverage will be active in the United Healthcare Student Resources system and an ID card will be generated within 48 business hours. Your coverage will become active in the insurance company’s system once you complete this enrollment form.

The university will complete the automatic enrollment process in late June to enroll all mandated students who do not have an approved waiver request for the summer-only coverage period or who did not already complete the Enrollment form.  This process cannot occur until the waiver period closes and all waivers are processed.  If you need to access your insurance prior to this occurring, you need to complete the Enrollment form and activate your coverage yourself!

Insurance cards
Insurance ID cards are available electronically once a student completes the Enrollment form. Students can access their insurance ID card electronically 24 hours a day through their United Healthcare My Account.  Create or log into your United Healthcare My Account at United Healthcare will not mail insurance cards unless a student requests one to be mailed through his/her My Account.

bullet Questions about student health insurance may be directed to or 706-542-2222. Questions concerning plan benefits or claims may be directed to United Healthcare Student Resources customer service at 866-403-8267.


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